The world of Louise

The world of Louise

The world of Louise

The world of Louise
Ultra chrome photo in a frame

The world of Louise

This work of art 'The world of Louise' was created as an artist assignment for the Reframing HERstory Art Foundation.  

The Reframing HERstory Art Foundation demands of reclaiming Gelderland's colonial and slavery past and its impact. Their projects shows underexposed parts of history, of the shadow side of prosperity, and its impact.

A source of inspiration for the project was an embroidery by Louise van Ommeren -Hengeveld from Arnhem 1794. Collection Rijksmuseum (see image below).

Embroidery was not seen as a full-fledged work of art, but as manual work, partly because it was made by women in a domestic environment. But this embroidery is not only colorful and artfully crafted, but also a protest against slavery. At the bottom of the embroidery is the text: Come, where our hearts bleed, at the sight of bondage, that our deeds speak, let us set this little mouse free.  

The still life 'the world of Louise', made by Louise te Poele, which is a silent witness to the world of the historical figure, Louise. Who was she? And what was her life like in late 18th century Arnhem? A society in a colonial and patriarchal age, which casts a shadow into contemporary society. The backdrop of the stil life is the painting of Dirk Falkenburg, 'Plantage in Suriname' 1707, collection Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. ( see image below)

Thanks to:

Farida Nabibaks, artistic director 'Reframing HERstory Art Foundation',

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam,

Carl Haarnack 'Buku Biblioteca Surinamica'.