To be completely honest, I came across the website of Louise te Poele by accident. I bookmarked it and decided to write about Louise right away.  Her photography is intense and although I am not a connoisseur when it comes to photography, I listen to what I feel when I look at an image, her work grabbed me in the wink of an eye.

She graduated from the Artez academy in Fine Art after following the Fashion Design course for one year. Probably because of this cross over her work consists of beautiful fashion photography and on the other hand carefully created art photography. Her images come into being from her fascination to portray the human being. She is extremely interested in the visible characteristics who make each individual eccentric. The extraordinaire or singular are synonyms for beauty in Louise’s photography.

In her photography she then takes it a step further. Manipulating her photography she translates a portrait into a piece of art with a new appearance, a new character. Very often she lets her characters arise from a dark background which makes it theatrical and at the same time using claire- obscure techniques she creates a reference to the classical art of painting. The people in her photography remind us of memories of a bygone past, while the work is contemporary and originated from our daily modern society.

The photography of the “Farmers” series could makes you think of Egon Schiele or Lucian Freud. Using her palette she exaggerates the reds, and pushes her exploration of the geography of their faces to uncomfortable extremes.

Images 1. RCA Ma graduates collection book 2. Collection shoot Elsien Gringhuis 3. Collection shoot Marielle van der Ven 4/5/6. Farmer serie